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Shelia was first drawn to Pilates because of its fluidity and the invigorated feeling after each class and through her own Pilates practice. She noticed a deeper awareness of her body’s movement patterns along with improved strength and posture. In addition, because of previous lower back issues her back is now stronger and flexible. This change had such a dramatic effect on her that it inspired her to study Pilates and the human body further, and decided she wanted to teach Pilates so that she could help others feel similar benefits. Shelia loves seeing clients walk out of their sessions smiling, feeling re-energized and excited about the improvements they feel physically and emotionally. Due to her working with many clients with various issues, age, abilities and goals, is where she has come to fully appreciate the depth of  STOTT PILATES® itself, and the multitude of physical benefits it offers to people regardless of age, fitness level, and goals.

Shelia is a fully STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and received her training at Bodycenter Studios in Seattle, WA. In addition, she has in depth training in Anatomy Principles for Pilates Instructor which include:

  • Anatomy Methodologies (includes the skeleton).
  • Joints, Articulations and Muscle Terminology (types of joints and how they articulate and muscle terminology, etc.).
  • Anterior Trunk, Neck and Breathing (anterior trunk muscles and the inner core of the body. The abdominals, diaphragm, intercostals, and pelvic floor as well as neck musculature- scalenes, sternocleidomastoid).
  • The Scapula and The Hip (The shoulder girdle, the muscles affecting the neck and the shoulder with the movement of the scapula. The Hip ball and socket joint and the muscles).
  • The Hip and The Knee (bony anatomy and alignment of the lower quarter, the joints and their movements, and the muscles that are emphasized so often in Pilates. The inter-relationships of these muscles groups).
  • Elbow, Posture, and Movement Analysis (the elbow joint and the corresponding muscles. Postural Analysis and Exercise Analysis).
  • The Deep Spine (The Multifidus for core support along with the posterior muscles of the body).
  • The Leg and Foot (the lower leg and how it functions with the foot).

Her extensive training and practice has given her the mental and physical discipline, increased awareness and skill to identify any alignment issues her clients may have and build custom fitness regimes around her clients to begin the process of correction.

Shelia also has had the pleasure in working with clients diagnosed with MS and has witnessed the benefits of Pilates has had on them. She has seen how Pilates can address nearly every major symptom of MS, and that her Pilates training is uniquely trained to note posture and movement – two keys to the puzzle of where to start an exercise. She has the skill set and passion to look at a client ‘s needs and determine what movements need to be improved. She helps clients master certain movements by using the Pilates apparatus, springs and gravity to assist a client in completing movements successfully that he or she may not be able to do without the assistance of the springs or changing the orientation to gravity. As the clients gets stronger, he or she can increase the amount of resistance or difficulty for an exercise.

Shelia is Total Barre® Qualified Instructor and CORE™ Qualified Instructor. Total Barre®  combines Pilates with elements of classical ballet to strengthen and lengthen the body while maintaining a core support structure. CORE™ combines athletic conditioning and performance training using a variety of small equipment and interval training.  Shelia also has been STOTT trained in Injury and Special Populations, Osteoporosis and Pilates, Pelvis and Lumbar Spine, Shoulder Girdle, Anatomy, Bosu/Toning Balls, Athletic Reformer, GAIT, and Posture Analysis.

In addition to STOTT qualifications and certifications, she is also trained on BalleCore Barre, TRX® Suspension Trainer and TRX® Rip Trainer which all integrate very well with Pilates. Shelia is also certified through NETA in Barre Connect Specialty Certified and has completed the training for Cardio Barre Extreme. She has taken various workshops in pre/post-natal, obesity, aging population, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, injury prevention and post-rehabilitation.

She has completed Pilates for MS and Other Neurological Conditions training provided by Mariska Breland according to the guidelines set forth by the Pilates Method Alliance. Pilates for MS™ is an advanced teacher training program for exercise professionals and physical therapists overviewing exercise for MS and other neurological conditions. Her training covered the disease process in depth, as well as how to work with its most common symptoms, including balance difficulties, weakness, muscle spasticity, bladder problems, gait abnormalities, as well as the principles and applications of neuromuscular rehabilitation and neuroplasticity exercise.
Her training covered many problems common to the average client, she is able to apply many tools to work with clients of nearly every population, especially the aging, and those with neurological conditions or muscle imbalances.
Pilates for MS™ is recognized with 16 CECs (continuing education credits) from the Pilates Method Alliance. It is also core curriculum for the Women’s Health Pilates Specialist Certificate™ through the Center for Women’s Fitness.

In her free time, she enjoys her passion in photography, traveling, and the outdoors such as, hiking, skiing, and fishing.

Most Recent Trainings: Currently pursuing APPI Pilates Equipment Instructor Certification and becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
What to Expect in Class: Laughing. Fun. Correct form, and a good workout.
Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: The owner of APPI – an amazing person with addicting energy! And a passion for health, wellness, and coaching people to reach their full potential and fitness goals.
Practicing Pilates Since: 2014     Teaching Pilates Since: 2016
Most Recent Training: STOTT Pilates complete repertoire
What to Expect in Class: Gain better understanding of the importance of the mind-body connection through reformer and mat exercises. Focus on strength, mobility, and stabilization. Above all, fun!
Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: Personal experience overcoming years of chronic pain with STOTT Pilates.

Carole is currently teaching Pilates Mat & Group Reformer classes and is available for Private Sessions!


Practicing Since: 1998  Teaching Since: 2014

Most Recent Trainings: Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Training; Pilates for MS & Nuerological Conditions with Mehgamn Coppele and Mariska Breland

What to expect in Class: Kelly aims to be responsive to her students and aspires to be a guide for each person to reach their personal fitness and wellness goals. She believes passionately that Pilates is an effective tool for individuals to build positive connections to their bodies that can be healing and life changing. 

Biggest influences/styles/inspirations: Kelly’s work spans all populations and ages including: general fitness, dancers, gymnasts, athletes, older adults, children, those rehabilitating from injury, and those with chronic pain and neurological conditions.

Practicing Since: 2014     Teaching Since: 2015

Most Recent Training: Barre Cardio Connect

What to expect in class: encouragement to push yourself and energy

Biggest influences/inspirations/styles: more pilates than dance focusing on isometric movements that tone and strengthen

Practicing since: 2012     Teaching since: 2015
Most recent trainings: Fascia training, Ripped TRX, Hot Body Barre
What to expect in class: A blend of ballet, Pilates and yoga. With a strong focus on arms and core through plank work and yoga poses while using weights. Lots of fine toning using resistance bands, balls and ballet moves.
Biggest influences/inspiration/styles: Fellow instructors.

Teaching Since: 1988

Most Recent Trainings: BOSU, Barre, TRX

What to Expect in Class: Results-driven functional training with high energy, fun, and laughter

Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: Denise Austin

Practicing Since: 2015

Teaching Since: 2017

Most Recent Training: Barre Above, and NETA Pilates Reformer Specialty Training

What to expect in class: Expect to be challenged and have a full body workout. Classes start with an 8-10 minute warm up, waking up all your muscles, head-to-toe, and prepping them for a head-to-toe body burn out. Sections focus on legs and glutes, upper body, and core. Class ends with a short cool down stretch.  

Biggest influences/inspirations/styles: Alisha fell in love with fitness through her own weight loss journey at home using programs that incorporate different styles of workouts everyday. You can see them all worked into Alisha’s classes. She aims to try to keep it simple while still providing a variety of moves. Alisha is heavily influenced by fellow instructors at Longevita, and draws inspiration from those around her. 

Practicing Since: 2008     Teaching Since: 2010
Most recent training: Zumba Toning; Boot Camp Conditioning
What to expect in class: Expect to SWEAT and HAVE FUN!
Biggest influences/styles/inspirations: Fellow Longevita Instructor Tracy Horne

Practicing Since: 2001          Teaching Since: 2015

Most Recent Training: Essential Yoga Therapy 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training

What to Expect in Class: Sequences of poses are repeated for several weeks to build strength and familiarity in those poses over time, but expect plenty of opportunities to adapt the poses for either more or less intensity to create a ‘choose your own adventure’ experience every week. New areas of focus, techniques, or themes will be introduced weekly to layer more depth progressively in each practice. And all is done with a very noncompetitive, light-hearted approach so you can enjoy the journey just as much as actually getting to the destination.

Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: Fellow Longevita teachers, Annie Carpenter, Robin Rothenberg, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Viniyoga, and Yoga Nidra

Margo is currently teaching Non-Heated, Warm, and Hot Yoga classes and is available for Private Sessions!

Practicing Since: 2000 Teaching Since: 2012
Most Recent Trainings: Baptiste Level 2, Shakti Teacher Assisting Program, Shakti Advanced Teacher Assisting Program, Shakti: Yoga Anatomy, Shakti Teacher Mentoring Program, Inversions workshop, Baptiste 40 Day Personal Revolution, Rising Strong (integrating personal inquiry with yoga)
What to Expect in Class: Lots of help! Demonstrations, verbal and hands on assists. Variations offered in poses to modify, intensify, or just change it up. New energy, ideas, flow and music for each class – to find new opportunities each day you practice.
Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: Baptiste flow, see the students and adapt the class accordingly, do the work
Practicing Since: 2009     Teaching Since: 2010
Most Recent Trainings: NETA Barre Certification
What to Expect in Class: Movement with breath. Hard work! Arm balances, or preparatory poses to build strength for arm balances.
Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: Cross training; teaching and watching students grow in their practice each class – every student has a story, and it is inspiring the things people are able to overcome through yoga.

Savanna currently teaches Warm and Hot Yoga classes, and TRX+Yoga classes.

Practicing Since: 2014  Teaching Since: 2014
Most Recent Trainings: TRX Group Trainer, B.S. Exercise Science, M.S. Organizational Management
What to Expect in Class: Classes begin with pranayama (breath work) and setting an intention. Next, dive into a dynamic warm up and core work. Power Flow makes up the body of the class. Then, wind down with yin postures and savasana. In every class, expect a theme, fun playlist, and a savasana assist (mini-massage). Integrity and creativity are both encouraged!
Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: Mary Clare Sweet, Lora McCarville, Annie Carpenter, Gabrielle Bernstein. Fun. Love. Creativity.

Practicing Since: 2011  Teaching Since: 2015
Most Recent Training: Aqua Kriya Yoga Certifications
What to Expect in Class: Warm, inviting class. All levels welcome. A Blending of breath, mindfulness, yoga teachings, and, of course, the stretching, bending, and strengthening of yoga practice.
Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: Focus on alignment principles while practicing Hatha, vinyasa flow, yin, or a combination.

Practicing Since: 1977 Teaching Since: 2015

Most Recent Training: Trauma-Informed Yoga

What to Expect in Class: A slower paced, strength building, alignment based, mindful practice

Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: Jeni Martinez, Karen Schwisow, Rebecca Ray, Lillias Folan (70’s on PBS), and Jason Crandell

Practicing Since: 1998. Teaching Since: 2016
Most Recent Training: Yoga Medicine 200 Hour Teacher Training
What to Expect in Class: Creative themes and sequencing, a focus on anatomy, fun factoids, inspiring quotes, a little meditation, a little deep stretching, focused vinyasa flows leading to a challenging peak posture.
Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles: A deep passion for nature, anatomy, and alternative workouts
Practicing Since: 2010     Teaching Since: 2015
Most recent training: LoveYourBrain’s Yoga Teacher Training for Traumatic Brain Injury
What to expect in class: A casual, honest attitude. A gentle and trauma-aware approach to yoga. Mindfulness meditation, and a dash of yoga philosophy.
Biggest influences/styles/inspirations: The Trauma Center’s 20-hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga training. Making yoga more accessible is important. Kate Fontana, Vania Kent, and Erin Joosse – who inspire me to embrace vulnerability as a teacher and human being.
To learn more, check out Hien’s yoga website

Practicing Since: 2010  Teaching Since: 2015

Recent Training: Open Up! Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training

What to expect in class: Expect to work hard, have fun, and, hopefully, try something new! Michaela likes to allow students to explore their own path by encouraging each person to get out of their comfort zone – because “life begins at the edge of your comfort zone!” Every class teaches to different levels, allowing diverse experiences for everyone. She loves to watch a student get into a new posture, see the growth, and celebrate it!

Biggest influences/styles/inspirations: Kristine Borden and Katie Henry. Both are fellow yoga instructors and dear friends whose love and support in every class helps Michaela strive to be a better person and better instructor.

New Client Specials

Barre + ALL Yoga + TRX + Zumba

Barre+All Yoga+TRX+Zumba 30 Days Unlimited for $30

3 Private Sessions (Pilates or Yoga)

3 Private Sessions for $150

All Access Pass

All Access Pass 30 days (any class) for $59