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Tone + Stretch Reformer

This invigorating Pilates class will enhance your balance, flexibility, strength and mobility. This full-body workout will move through uniquely designed strengthening moves and effective stretches on the reformer to challenge and tone your weak areas while elongating tight areas. Leaving you feeling stronger, taller and more relaxed and aligned to take on the rest of your day!

The reformer uses springs for assistance and resistance to achieve muscle strength and length in an organized manner. 

*Reformer equipment is required for all livestream classes.

Sculpt + Cardio Reformer

In-person and livestream.*

This class is perfect for those who want to get the benefits of cardio fat-burning and body sculpting all in one class. Incorporating intervals of the reformer jumpboard, sculpting exercises on the reformer, Bosu Ball, hand weights and various props we get the heart pumping and rev up your metabolism. This is a low-impact workout, MUST have reformer experience and no injuries. 

*Reformer equipment is required for all livestream classes.

Lunchtime Reformer

45 min strength workout for the whole body. Start to create a HEALTHY HABIT at lunchtime – Join the Lunchtime Pilates Reformer class and in no time we’ll get your total body worked from front to back, and side to side. Strengthen your abs, tone and lean out your legs, hamstrings, thighs and quads; define your upper body, shoulders, arms and back; and build your core strength throughout. Our focus is getting you moving in an efficient manner, moving fluidly through our flow, making the most of our time to fully tone and move the body!


Lunchtime workouts can help reduce stress on the body because it gets you up and moving versus staying stagnant for a long stretch! As we exercise, we contract, relax and lengthen our tissues which can help combat the cumulative effect of prolonged positioning during work hours that can lead to injuries.

Virtual Pilates Mat

This all-level Pilates mat class is designed to enhance your current workout routine – from the comfort of your own home or while you are traveling. Experience various body sculpting exercises as well as mobility and flexibility exercises using Pilates resistance techniques created to develop a strong core and more – abs, arms, legs, back, butt and hips! Some props that may be used are small squishy balls, resistance bands, yoga blocks, dumbbells, and foam rollers.

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