Love. Life. Longer. 

Pilates, Yoga, and strength training designed to help you enjoy a long and active life. Let us help you move and feel better today!

Longevity is at the heart of everything we do at Longevita

The only way to truly live a long and healthy life is to stay active. At Longevita, we believe that longevity is more than a number – it is a lifestyle choice. We help you stay active, strong, and pain-free through a customized plan that includes services hand-picked to propel you forward toward your personal health and fitness goals. Imagine what your life would be with:

reduced back pain

faster recovery after injury or surgery

improved joint mobility and reduced joint pain

less fatigue and more stamina

decreased stress and anxiety

increased vitality and energy in everything you do

We believe that health and happiness are vital to longevity and a life well lived. We use the tools of Pilates, yoga, and strength & conditioning as a means to increase health, vitality, and a sense of well-being.

Everything we do begins with you

Personal Training

When it comes to individual wellness goals, we know that every person may benefit from extra personalized attention. Private sessions are tailored to your exact needs to accommodate everyone from beginners and those that are injured to athletes. Our Private and Semi-Private session packages are designed specifically for you to ensure you get the special attention needed which will foster your health and wellness goals.

Group Classes

Through smaller class sizes and opportunities for individual attention, we will help you find the right routines to reach your own personal goals within a positive, community atmosphere. With 40+ classes on our weekly schedule and 13 instructors, we are able to provide a unique level of diversity and expertise. Whether you prefer Virtual or In-Person, Heated or Non-Heated, and Performance, Functional, or Meditative, we have something for you!

Personalized Approach to Pilates and Functional Fitness

Longevita is dedicated to helping you achieve a lifestyle that’s easier and more enjoyable by providing high-quality services, such as Pilates, Yoga, and strength training that are designed to help you achieve your health goals without all the hassle. Whether it’s your first time exercising or an injury recovery process, we’ve got what it takes to get you back up on your feet and moving again! Longevita is here to help you get started with exercise – and keep you going until it’s an essential part of your daily routine. We want to help you become more active and more aware of how your lifestyle impacts your health so that you can make choices that will keep you feeling good both physically and mentally. 

At Longevita, we believe that Longevity is a choice. You can live a long, healthy life. You just have to choose to do it. 

More about us

Something for Everyone. Explore all of the ways to Longevita


Pilates will help you enhance all areas of your life. Our small-size group Pilates classes will help you improve balance, build strength and create better movement patterns so that you can enjoy all of your favorite activities with less pain and more vigor.


Yoga can help us reevaluate our lives, reframe situations and circumstances, and see things in different ways – with more creativity and open-mindedness. Our classes will help you bring more balance into your life, improve flexibility and develop better body awareness.


NeuroFIT is an exercise program designed to enhance the lives of people who have been diagnosed with a neurological condition, such as Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis. Ease into exercise with this program that boosts balance, posture, strength, mood, and more.

Strength Training

Strength training improves balance, coordination, and posture; helps you recover from injuries faster; boosts confidence, and improves your moods. Experience strength training classes for any level and ability at Longevita.

Why Clients Choose Longevita


I love this place! As a beginner in Pilates, I’ve found everyone at Longevita very welcoming and inclusive.

Marcie Paradis
Marcie Paradis

I was referred to Longevita due to lower back pain. I took Private Lessons with Sheila, to get familiar with the reformer and now I do the group classes. At 70 years old, the pain is gone and I have never felt stronger! Sheila and all the instructors are professional and educated. It has changed by life and always look forward to the FUN atmosphere in the classes! THANK YOU Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio!

Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson

Longevita studio is a warm and welcoming haven where I am receiving more than I ever imagined in exercise and confidence, thanks to Coach Heidi! The studio provides a variety of sessions for groups plus private hourly workouts masterfully tailored for the individual. I am in my 70’s and fortunate to have a private session twice a week in building strength and optimum health, both physically and mentally, for the present and the future. This week I was able to bend over and touch my toes for the first time and I did my first 5K walk last spring!

Mary Ellen Beardsley
Mary Ellen Beardsley

The studio offers a variety of programs and as a person with Parkinson’s, I am extremely glad one of those programs is Neurofit which addresses the issues faced by those with Parkinson’s or MS. The coaches do a wonderful job with designing and running it while at the same time creating a supportive and fun atmosphere.

Dave B
Dave B

I love the Tone and Stretch classes. I am so happy that I found this studio!

Myah Gilchrist
Myah Gilchrist

Getting Started is Easy

We start everything with a conversation about you, your goals, and your struggles. Your goals become our goals, and our mission is to gently, yet firmly, propel you forward to achieve them with a customized plan.


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