Active Aging

Fitness for Optimal Aging

Longevita separates itself from the rest of the fitness facilities with Functional Aging Specialists, NeuroFit, one-one-training, and the best instructors in the South Sound.

What does active aging mean to you?

Active Aging is a concept advanced by the International Council on Active Aging and adopted by the World Health Organization that encourages individuals to be “engaged in life” as fully as possible despite health status, disease conditions or socioeconomic status. It recognizes the importance of each of the seven dimensions of wellness – physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, environmental, vocational, social – to the overall well-being of an aging individual.

At Longevita, we want you to live your best life through fitness. We will help you meet your needs and goals by having those deep conversations to help guide you through your wellness journey. We want to understand where you need more strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility. Guiding you to choose the right classes or one on one sessions that are appropriate for where you are and how to progress. We know that a sense of community is very important, we want you to feel welcome and connected to other clients, our classes are small which is great for holding each other accountable, we want you to feel, be seen and heard to support you in a respectful way. 

We want to add life to your years, not just years to your life.

Here at Longevita, we feel that optimal aging comes from understanding your reasons for wanting to stay healthy. First of all, we are living longer than previous generations and we want to have an active role in life. So, our life span is increasing, but let’s be honest …. is our health span matching our life span? Below are some of the most meaningful reasons that motivate most people, especially if you are over the age of 50:

  • Do you have grandkids? Have you ever uttered the words, “I want to be an active grandparent, I want to get on the floor, go swimming with my grandkids”, “I don’t want to miss a thing”. At Longevita, we hear this from a lot of people. Nobody wants to be a boring nanna. You want to play an active role in your grandkids lives. Today’s grandparents want to share experiences with their grandkids instead of just buying them stuff. Almost 70% of grandparents live within 50 miles from their grandkids and the median age for first time grandmothers is 50 and the median age for first time grandfathers is 54. No longer are we holding on to outdated stereotypes about what grandma and grandpa look like. 
  • Love traveling? Here is a story about one of our clients, “I stay in shape so I can travel the world, go fishing in Alaska, hike through Europe”, “If I didn’t exercise regularly I wouldn’t be able to do everything you have to do when traveling like carrying bags, climbing stairs and all the stuff”. “I workout because I want to keep going where I want to go and doing what I want to do”. Almost all adults over 50 take at least one leisure trip a year. The average baby boomer takes about 5 trips per year. Almost half of their travel is international. Adventure trips are growing as well.
  • Play sports? Sports remain important to us as we age. More active adults golf, ski, run, play tennis or pickleball, and even engage in national senior games. Working out at Longevita can help your golf game, prevent injuries, stay strong, remain competitive, and improve performance. As active aging adults, we didn’t grow up with the understanding of how working out connects with our athletic performance. Ages 60 plus didn’t grow up with fitness being a common culture. The exercise wasn’t something that most people just did or really even knew anything about. At Longevita, we want to make sure you do know that working out at our studio can improve your golf game. your tennis game, pickleball, hiking …. you name it, even running! Throughout the year, we add various training programs such as improving your golf game by working on thoracic mobility, glute strength, core, legs and arms! 
  • Feel, Look, and Move Better! These are universal desires. At Longevita, we will connect the dots so you understand how exercise is the miracle cure on how you will feel, look, and move. Polls show that mature adults want to maintain their independence. To avoid falls, chronic diseases and injuries. They want to keep doing what they enjoy for as long as possible, they want to wake up and not feel like they cannot move. You bet they want to look good … who doesn’t? 
  • All hobbies get better when you are fitter! Did you know that you can burn about 300 calories in an hour of gardening? It’s true that gardening is a serious workout … you have to bend over to pick up pots, squat to pull weeds, push wheel barrels, and so on. Love to hike? Hiking requires cardio, endurance and balance. Is dancing your thing? Dancing is good for your heart, strength, balance and coordination. Watch for a gardening training program designed to keep you in shape and injury free while gardening!
  • Mental Health. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your mental health and brain health. Exercise gives you an immediate positive benefit for your brain including your mood and your focus. Exercise is the most transformative thing you can do for your brain. Helps protect your brain from Alheimizer, depression, and other forms of dementia. Improves your memory, elevates mood, increases your self-confidence and self-esteem, helps you make better choices in life, improves sleep, and sends more blood to the brain. Do you know this?
  • Physical health – the medical evidence is overwhelming and clear that exercise is the wonder drug for just about everything. At Longevita, we want to remind our clients that exercise extends your longevity, supports heart health, strengthens bones, lowers body fat, and treats Parkinson’s and Type II diabetes and other diseases.

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