Oh, How We Miss You!

LONGEVITA PILATES & YOGA STUDIO, LLC We MISS you! At Longevita, we care first and foremost about your Health and safety! We are working very hard on our re-opening plan and […]

I Love Pilates because…

I Love Pilates because… Happy Pilates Day! It’s the annual love fest for one of my favorite ways to move! I was first a yogini. Then, I moved to LA after […]

Got Yoga?

4 Things Your Yoga Should Be Doing for You Are you getting everything you should from your yoga practice? Or is your current routine getting stale? Maybe you keep starting and […]

Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s

I wanted to share a Parkinson’s story provided by one of our boxers. At Longevita, we host a program called Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s. We have been doing this for […]

Change is in the Air – Spring

Change is in the Air – Spring During seasonal changes we know there are changes taking place in nature, the buds are creeping up from the soil, the air shifts in […]

Why Do I Need to Practice Self Care again?

Self Care … You are Enough As every February comes around there are a lot of talk, marketing, branding on all things self care, self love, love, relationship, and all that […]

Self Care Made Easy

Connection. Balance. Simplicity. Adulting can be a real challenge some days. Self care is vital to avoiding burnout and compassion fatigue. Here’s how to make self care routines easy, rather than […]

Meet Emily

How to Make Big Dreams Achievable

Go from dreamer to doer this year! Meet Alisha! If you had met her five years ago, you wouldn’t hardly recognize her today. Only her big smile and bright eyes are […]

Hot Core Classes at Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio in Auburn, Wa

Get Your Workout to Work for You!

It is important to make the most of every minute you carve out of your day for workouts because your time is precious. Part of having a do-able way to reach […]

Functional Strength Training (FST) with Shaudae at Longevita

Not Into Fitness Fads? Overwhelmed?

Are you so over fitness fads? Shelia is, too. Read on in our first of this series of “Meet the Teacher” posts. We are sharing who we are, and how and whyRead more

Moving Beyond Fitness Fads