Fitness for Neurological Disorders


Safe exercise program that boosts balance, posture, strength, mood and more for clients with neurological disorders.

What is NeuroFit?

NeuroFit is an exercise program designed to enhance the lives of people who have been diagnosed with a neurological condition, such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis.  Within this class, we will be combining low-impact aerobic exercise with appropriate modifications designed for people with neurological conditions, strength, coordination, and balance training. This class also utilizes Pilates equipment (Reformer and Springboard) to strengthen the body and improve overall mobility in a safe and effective manner. The goal is to challenge your mental and physical abilities for increasing functional activities of daily living.

This class is for:  People with neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis
This class is not for:  non-ambulatory clients

NeuroFit Class Rates

Initial Wellness Assessment


4 Classes /month


8 Classes /month


12 Classes /month


*Minimum commitment of 6 months for all class rates

Program Contact Information

Contact the studio to set up the initial wellness assessment:

[email protected]


Learn about the NeuroFIT program, our mission, and how we help people with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions.

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The functional assessment is designed to assess levels of physical function activities such as reaching, bending, transferring, mobility and standing that incorporate postural control and balance ability.

NeuroFit Class Schedule

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