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This class is a focused physical, total body workout designed to sculpt and strengthen your muscles. You are, quite literally, working from head to toe. Barre is a combination of Pilates, yoga, strength training, isometric muscle engagement, and balance. With this dynamic combination, you are able to achieve toned and sculpted muscles, in a safe, free-of-injury way.

The Metabolic Class

LIVING BETTER, LIVING LONGER – Keeping your body and mind actively fit for an active rewarding life!

  • Are you looking for a way to kick your metabolism into high gear?
  • Do you want to burn fat and build muscle?
  • Want to feel like a million bucks?

The Metabolism Boost class is where it’s at! This class will challenge you while combining HIIT, non-contact boxing, weights, and balance. You will work multiple muscle groups to help fire up your metabolism. Each class is a little different to challenge the body to keep adapting and improving. A great compliment to many other classes by improving the cardiovascular system that helps deliver oxygen to the muscles, muscles and bones will become stronger and help your body recover quicker. All exercises are low impact and for any age group.

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