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Hello there!


We’d like to give you a warm welcome to The Longevita Blog. What you find here will make you feel better. Maybe even change your life.


It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a long time. And we’re so glad you’re here now that it’s live!


Maybe you’re a local and you’ve taken one of the many classes we offer at our studio. Maybe you’re looking for some guidance in your practice of Pilates or yoga. Or maybe you need help sticking to a fitness routine.


Whatever the reason . . . welcome!


We’re going to dig deeper into some of the health and wellness topics we find important. Topics that there isn’t time to go into when you’re getting in your 60 minutes of “you time” at the studio after work.


The ones that can (and will) have a profound effect on your wellbeing.


Some of the articles we publish will relate to yoga and Pilates. Others will be about relaxation, meditation, psychology, or proper mindset. While still others will dive into anatomy, exercise, nutrition, and strength and conditioning.


But you still might be asking, “Why should I read the Longevita Blog?” Well, we have many reasons for writing this blog. But the reasons why you should read it are pretty straightforward.

Learn New Skills For a Healthier Life


What we really (really) want you to get here are skills and information that help you live a healthier life.


You’ll learn about activities that are both health-promoting and sustainable.


No fitness fads or crash diets here.


Our studio opened its doors on that very idea. To create a place where people not only get an effective workout but find one they can stick to. On that note: we’ll also keep you updated on events and other goings-on at the studio.


They’re skills that will help you better understand yourself. Or at least start that process!


Skills that will help you understand why your workouts aren’t treating you so well. Why you’re unmotivated or exhausted when it’s time to hit the gym.


Your wellbeing shouldn’t be a chore. So we’ll shed light on strategies to help make your mind-body practices more enjoyable.


Break Old, Destructive Habits (And Start Healthy Ones)


We all have habits we know aren’t the best for our well-being. Mental, emotional, physical.


It doesn’t matter.


You’re going to find information on the Longevita Blog that helps you get your body and mind on track. To help you replace old, destructive habits with new, healthy ones.


You’ll learn about setting realistic expectations for yourself. How to start small and build from there. And how to reward yourself when you reach your goals and milestones.


This is the kind of stuff we want you to be aware of.


So even if you’d rather sit on the couch and eat potato chips — you’ll know better. You’ll have tools to help you stay well and active in our sedentary society.


And you’ll feel better for it.


Think Long-Term About Your Health and Fitness Goals


What you read here will help you reframe health and exercise in your mind. You’ll start to see why longevity in your activities leads to longevity in life. Think of this as our little corner of the Internet that guides you in that direction.


We’ll highlight functional fitness, mind-body practices, and our thoughts on long-term wellbeing.


You’ll find tips and guides that help you realize the benefit of sustainable exercise. And how to better read your body’s signs and signals. Like when it’s begging for a break from that grueling workout schedule!


Or how you can identify common self-defeating excuses that sabotage your workouts.


You’ll start to think about the long game. Not short-term gains.


Because what good is getting your body “in shape” if you get injured or lose motivation in the process?

We’re Happy You’ve Joined Us. Now Join The Conversation!


A deeper understanding of some the topics we’ll cover on The Longevita Blog can in fact be life-changing. They’ll help you evolve and transform for the better.


And every time you come here expect to find something interesting and useful about your health and wellness.


The Longevita Blog is a fun and non-judgmental gathering place. Where you can feel safe to express your ideas and comfortable to explore the concepts we share.


Sharing our thoughts with you is just as important to us as hearing yours. We always love to hear from you. That’s a big part of why we’re doing this!


We hope you’ll find time to read, reflect, share, and comment on our upcoming articles.


What strategies have you found helpful in your health journey? Are there any topics you’d like us to explore on The Longevita Blog?


Let us know in the comments below!