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“I love, love, love Longevita – as in I wish everyone came to class/I want to keep it as my secret. This is the only exercise program that I have maintained this long and not been overwhelmed. It is an amazing system in that you learn about YOUR body and your muscle structure…this has helped me with my everyday posture and I am noticing a difference everywhere-arms, calves, muscles along the outside of my legs that I have never felt before, and deep in the abdominal section. Shelia never pushes students to do more than they can but is very supportive, and a great thing about it being a smaller/more personal studio is that she is really there for you and if you are running late, you can even text her. People of all ages and body types come to class and everyone loves it equally.”

Madeline M. – 4.14

“I started coming to Longevita Pilates in October of 2013 after finding out I was pregnant and finding her Living Social deal for reformer classes. I had been to Pilates before and understand the benefits of flexibility, range of motion and core strength. I switched from reformer group classes to personal sessions due to the special attention I need as my pregnancy progressed. For years, I have had issues with “throwing out my back”, and assumed I would have major issues during the weight gain – and to my surprise, I have not had ANY issues. I am 100% sure it’s because of the personal workouts from Shelia! I have been able to remain active through my pregnancy as the twice a week sessions keep my body balanced – and the twice a week I get to spend with Shelia keeps my spirit balanced. Not only does Shelia listen, she understands and will adjust as needed. It’s not very often that you find a personal trainer that doesn’t have their own agenda and truly tailors the session to your needs. I feel amazing, I have total confidence that I’ll have the strength and stamina to get me through childbirth now. I plan on continuing Pilates through the end of my pregnancy and will get back in as soon as I can post partum. The training is fantastic, the facility is welcoming and Shelia is an amazing person – I will always be thankful to her for getting me through my first pregnancy – strong and pain free!”

Darlene L. – 4.14

“I can’t say enough positive things! I just love her and her studio. I love the cozy feel and it is not the least bit intimidating! The atmosphere is clean and inviting. She also offers yoga classes taught by another instructor, Mary.

I first met Shelia about mid-October. She offered a free class to introduce me to the Pilates reformer. I was newer to Pilates and had an understanding about how to engage your core. This is key when doing any Pilates exercise mat or reformer. Shelia introduced me to the reformer and I fell in love! It was so gentle on your body but you are sore following the exercise. I began doing group reformer classes at first. I loved it! Because the classes are small you are able to get a great student to teacher ratio and you are less likely for injury. Next I did Semi-Private classes with another student at 5:45am. We used the TRX, Reformer, and HIIT. Every Time I attended a session, it was something new and different. I never had the same routine. She is creative and amazing! Currently, I am doing Group Reformer classes again and love it! I would highly recommend Shelia and Longevita! Don’t wait any longer! Give her a call today!”

Michelle J. – 2.14

“I really like Shelia and her studio. I had no idea what Pilates was, and I teach yoga so I thought I had an idea. Nope! Looking forward to exploring it more. Sheila has a great, positive energy and is very knowledgeable about the workings on the human body.”

Kimberly A. – 8.14

About a year ago, my doctor wanted to do surgery on my back and I was hoping to find a way NOT to. I had been doing physical therapy and cortizone shots in my back for almost a year when my therapist suggested I try Pilates. I didn’t know the difference between Yoga, which I had done many versions of, and Pilates, which I had never tried. Sheila encouraged me to try Pilates and ever since I have improved at an amazing rate. She has been very careful and patient with me because of my injury and has taught me so much about my own body. Today, she challenges me every time I come in. I’m able to do more each week! It has been an amazing transformation for me and I would highly recommend Sheila and Longevita to anyone experiencing issues with muscles and weakness. I only wish I would have known about her and her abilities sooner but now that I do I will continue down the road to recovery. Call today! Sheila and her team at Longevita are worth it!

Carole C. – 11.15

“My son has mild Autism. Yoga practice increases his body awareness, which helps him become more confident. Yoga is a physical challenge he can meet and see himself improving.”

Jill W. – 8.15

“As an avid weekly golfer, I was experiencing extreme muscle tightness in my upper back, it was somewhat debilitating for 2-3 days after 18 holes. I began seeing a Chiropractor and a Sport Massage Therapist in November ‘15, who recommended Pilates Reformer as a way to strengthen my core and create more torque & flexibility. I started attending Pilates private lessons in January ‘16, and within 2 months stopped the Chiro appointments and no longer require sports massage. It is now late September ’16, I am still attending weekly Pilates classes and I have not experienced any muscle tightness, plus I am absolutely killing the golf ball! Thank you Longevita Pilates for an excellent program.”

Dave S. – 10.16

“I have been taking Barre with Jaylene on and off for the last 7 months.  Jaylene is wonderful, she is always full of energy, introduces new moves to class so you don’t get bored and offers modifications for every exercise.  The newly remodeled studio is beautiful.  I have not taken any other classes with them yet, however I plan to as soon as my schedule opens up as all of the instructors are all very welcoming.”

Kendell A. – 11.15

“Longevita Pilates and Yoga in Auburn is fantastic. A beautiful facility with warm, knowledgeable, and compassionate instructors in a variety of disciplines. Since they opened in October, I have found my practice again and am feeling better than I have in a long time.

If you’ve been thinking about trying yoga (hot or not!), pilates, or barre take advantage of this offer of FREE CLASSES THIS FRIDAY (DEC. 18th)!”

Laura S. – 12.15

I took private Pilates classes from Shelia Cowart for a year. I learned so much. Now it is up to me to continue the training on my own. The new studio is lovely. Shelia has put her personal stamp on the space. She offers a lovely environment. I have thought about group classes, but am disinclined. My dog Sadie would love to see Shelia and all the “girls.” She stayed with Shelia Iast June while I was away on business. Happy girl. I was concerned Sadie might not want to come home with me. Shelia is uniquely lovely and skilled.

Ruth R. – 06.16

I’ve been coming to this studio for 6 months and love it. I regularly go to the Barre classes and all of the instructors are fantastic. I’ve also tried the yoga and Pilate classes and enjoy them as well.

Katie – 06.16

I love this place! Yoga NEVER disappoints and the people at Longevita go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and cared for during each class. The sense of community fostered here is amazing! This is your perfect starting place whether you a new to the classes or not. All the instructors know how to meet your individual needs.

Jennifer C. – 07.16

Doesn’t get much better than Longevita!  Mary and Sheila have created a very inviting atmosphere, TONS of space, with easy access from SR-18! Great instructors that are patient, caring and understanding. Was cool to see them allowing the Auburn School district to use their facility for an introductory class for students as well!

Bill C. – 07.16

Longevita is a beautiful, peaceful, well designed space with outstanding equipment, amazing instructors & a vibe to help you thrive! I highly recommend it to become a better you!

Christine H. – 10.16

I really love this studio and their staff, especially Mary. I started with a 30 month trial which is almost up and will continue, because I am already seeing the results and still love coming.

Kate L. – 10.16

I’ve only gone once now, but it was the best experience. I can’t wait to go again!!

Megan D. – 08.16

I can’t say enough good things about this studio! Every class, every instructor, every staff member I’ve encountered has been wonderful. Love supporting this local business and am thrilled to have them so close to home. If you haven’t tried a class here yet, DO IT! You won’t be disappointed.

Stephanie N. – 06.16

Love the place. Got tired of being disabled and in pain,
limited range of motion. Bad car accident ’04 left me damaged. Seemed to be getting worse lately.
Started at Longevita last October. Never done hot yoga before. Was doing yoga 20 yrs ago but gave up on it. Walked in on a whim, stuck with it cuz it really HELPS! Appreciate the supportive fun instructors, variety of times. Getting stronger, improving balance and motion, pain management. This week did 5 classes. 7 mile hike to Grand Park. Hiking the Wonderland trail in September. Life is good. Thanks Longevita

Daniel A. – 07.16

Last Christmas 2015 I was reaching my heaviest weight I’d ever been, even when pregnant. I’m 5’2 and I was 180 pounds,I was in pain all the time, had constant heart burn,I was uncomfortable and battling neck issues, and depressed. I knew it was up to me to make the changes. In January I started with clean eating, no fast food, no bad carbs, no dairy, no sugar. Pinterest was so helpful! I lost ten pounds the first two I decided to try exercise too and it felt awkward and I often was in pain while trying to exercise.five minutes walking was all I could do.for the next nine months I continued with this routine, clean eating, low calorie.exercise as much as I could comfortably handle..and today I’m 46 pounds lighter in a healthy Bmi. I exercise 5 days a week, run two miles at a time practice yoga, weight training,hiit..everything I love.I sleep better,I never have heartburn, my mood is better, my daily pain is 80% better. I went from giving up to saying I’ll never give up on myself again. I will say my biggest change was self love and self acceptance, that’s really the toughest battle..My biggest obstacle was self doubt and that urge to quit! every little goal I set and made brought me to my end goal,I healthier happier, stronger woman!

Sarah O. – 11.16

I am a member at the Longevita Pilates Studio. I recently broke two bones in my foot due to a fall on a slippery deck and I am now healing. Pilates has helped me more than anything to regain balance and to ease pain in my hips. Shelia is the owner at Longevita and I especially thank her for her expertise and support. I cannot recommend Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio too highly. Thanks to each and every one of the instructors for your generous help and expertise.

Cheryl L. – 12.16

I am returning to this studio after about 5 months away. I love the variety of classes in this building. I came here for hot yoga and became addicted to reformer pilates. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, funny and understanding of scheduling emergencies. I recently had a no call no show to a class due to an emergency with my dog. I came to apologize and pay the fee only to be told that I’m OK and not to worry about it. Customer service is a huge thing for me and I was pleasantly surprised to experience kindness on top of great customer service. I highly recommend this studio to any new or experienced person.

Kristina K. – 01.17

I go to several different classes here each week. I learn something new every time. Such a positive, encouraging team of instructors.

Celia B. – 02.17

Welcoming, friendly, clean, organized and genuinely care about each members visit. Love this place

Allyson M. – 01.17

I love Longevita Pilates.  I will be seventy this year.  I am stronger and straighter than I have been in decades.  I used to have almost no mobility in my neck. I can now turn my neck normally.  Don’t be afraid to try this because of any issues or injuries, they can modify for your specific problems.  For me, it has changed everything.  It has balanced my body.  All the instructors really care and coach to help you improve.  There are great varieties of classes and times.  I have found something that I love.  I would encourage any gender or age to try Longevita, it is a great place to get strong!

P.P. – 02.17

Got the student unlimited trial and I loved my first class today! I signed up for the rest of the week to try out some more classes! The instructor was awesome. She had great instructions and alternative poses and great guidance!

Sarah G. – 03.17

New Client Specials

Yoga + Strength & Conditioning

Yoga + Strength & Conditioning 30 Days Unlimited for $40

3 Private Sessions (Pilates or Yoga)

3 Private Sessions for $150

All Access Pass

All Access Pass 30 days (any class) for $59