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Laura M. – 9.19

“While taking Emily’s pre and post natal yoga classes, I really benefited from her knowledge and support – Emily empowered me to safely continue my yoga practice throughout my […]

P.P. – 2.17

“I will be seventy this year.  I am stronger and straighter than I have been in decades… Don’t be afraid to try this because of any issues or injuries, […]

Celia B. – 2.17

“I go to several different classes here each week. I learn something new every time. Such a positive, encouraging team of […]

Cesar H. – 7.18

“I cannot believe that in such short amount of time I have accomplished a couple of milestones towards my wellness! Thank you to all the great instructors for your […]

Demia W. – 1.19

“I’ve felt amazing after every work out this week! Four days in a row. I can feel this will be something I can and will stick to […]

Jane C. – 3.19

“I have done yoga before ….. but this was so much more. This was YOGA.  Loved the literally warm atmosphere.  My mind and my body were in such a better place. […]

Marlita T. – 6.19

“Amazing facility.  Knowledgeable and helpful staff.  They instruct you on proper form and technique, and the classes are small enough to get the individual instruction you need.  I feel more confident and […]

Mea A. – 8.19

“I had a private cardio barre session with Shaudae and it was really good.  She was very attentive and made adjustments along the way to ensure maximum benefit.  She gave me […]

Lindsay P. – 7.19

“Attended Emily’s restorative yoga class and it was wonderful. Highly recommend for anyone – even someone who has never done a minute of […]