About a year ago, my doctor wanted to do surgery on my back and I was hoping to find a way NOT to. I had been doing physical therapy and cortizone shots in my back for almost a year when my therapist suggested I try Pilates. I didn’t know the difference between Yoga, which I had done many versions of, and Pilates, which I had never tried. Sheila encouraged me to try Pilates and ever since I have improved at an amazing rate. She has been very careful and patient with me because of my injury and has taught me so much about my own body. Today, she challenges me every time I come in. I’m able to do more each week! It has been an amazing transformation for me and I would highly recommend Sheila and Longevita to anyone experiencing issues with muscles and weakness. I only wish I would have known about her and her abilities sooner but now that I do I will continue down the road to recovery. Call today! Sheila and her team at Longevita are worth it!