Welcome to Longevita Pilates’ new website and blog! We are glad you are here. We hope that you will find good information on our blog, links to interesting articles on nutrition, exercise, recipes, etc. Please use our blog as an opportunity to share your experiences, thoughts, and ideas in the comments area! Your participation will make this blog a great success!
Longevita Pilates is a beautiful boutique studio tucked inside the HBT Insurance building located on Auburn Way N in Auburn. Although the studio is not visible from the street, don’t let that fool you. Once you enter the studio you will be pleasantly surprised as it immediately offers a warm inviting atmosphere. Longevita Pilates offers private, semi-private sessions, yoga classes and pilates mat classes and more. First session is always on us so there is never a reason not to give us a try.
Our Yoga and Pilates instructors are fully certified and committed to bringing personalized attention to each client. No two people are the same which is why your program will be specifically designed just for your body. At Longevita Pilates we inspire and educate clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle based on Good Exercise:
• Work within your ability
• Build from the center into your arms and legs – Strong Center
• Maintain a correct Breathing pattern
• Don’t tense in order to move
At Longevita, this is how we support our quest:
• Awareness of each individual’s aspirations and expectations,
• Professional, intelligent instruction, and
• A welcoming and warm environment to develop customized programs to meet the needs of every client, be it fitness or post-rehabilitation. We integrate Pilates, Yoga, and other functional fitness regimes with personal training to restore balance to the body. This combination is safe and suitable for everyone from pregnant women to athletes. Our method of exercise is safe for joints, tendons, ligaments, and spine.