It’s cold, it’s dark outside, I’m too busy and don’t feel like exercising!
Here’s a gentle reminder for you of just how important exercise is and how great it makes you feel, plus the positive impact it will have on you and others around!
So, you say I need motivation! Everyone has their own way to stay motivated so it’s important to find out what really motivates you. There isn’t a one-size-fits all solution for motivation as different things motivate different people for various reasons. What you want is to find a way to help you stick with your exercise routine so that you’ll enter the New Year feeling excited and ready to go!
 How do I get motivated to workout? My initial answer is: Motivation is overrated. Get disciplined instead!
In short: Motivation is short-lived. Those people who depend on motivation consistently start out with a big bang and fail as soon as something gets hard. As soon as the motivation dries up, they quit. The people who accomplish things get disciplined.
Make it a Priority
Don’t blame it on something else. Instead of feeling bad about it. Own it.
If eating crap is more important to you than being healthy, living a long life and being there for your kids, that’s fine, but own that decision.
Instead of saying “I don’t wanna” or “it’s hard”, say “It is not a priority.”
Then, go look yourself in the mirror and say that to yourself. It puts things in a whole different perspective than empty-whining about where you’re not where you want to be.
 Realize You Have a Choice
You always have a choice.
Hey, did you know that even if you don’t “feel” like it, you can still go do it anyways? Wow, that’s cool! You don’t have to be a slave to your feelings or motivations.
You get to choose.
Motivation is short-lived. If you decide your actions are dependent on being 100% motivated 100% of the time, you probably won’t accomplish that much. Don’t wait until you feel motivated because you probably won’t!
Everyone has an excuse. Only some people decide to believe them. You choose whatever story you want tell yourself. But always remember you get to choose.