We MISS you! At Longevita, we care first and foremost about your Health and safety! We are working very hard on our re-opening plan and wanted to share a few details as to what to expect. Knowing that we are continuing to monitor this situation in real-time to ensure the proper precautions. We are strictly following the CDC’s recommendations and will be adjusting our studio protocol to keep you and the Longevita team members healthy and safe.

We will have a limited in person schedule to start. We are going to keep many of the live virtual classes so that you have both options. We know that not everyone will be ready to come to a class, and we “get that”. As we get more comfortable with our elevated and increased cleaning/disinfecting schedule, we will increase in person classes. This will also be based on the demand from all of you!

As a studio, we know we fall into the “Phase 2” re-opening. What is the date? This is still to be determined. We are expecting by the 3 week in June. Here are few things you need to know in order to attend an “in person” class:

You will need to pre-register for all classes.

Initially, the heat will be turned off in the hot room. This is for your safety and well-being. Know that this is temporary and we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 conditions to determine when the heat can be turned back on. There will not be ice towels handed out after classes. You will be required to bring your own mat. We cannot loan studio mats to clients at this time.

You need to be on time … early enough that you can wash or sanitize hands before class – no exceptions! One person can leave the class at a time and the same is for entering the class. This is to maintain the 6 feet personal distance.

No walk-ins. We only can allow a certain number of people in the studio at a time. We have to be very firm on this.

No outside shoes in the studio. Socks or inside shoes must be worn.

Single use bathrooms.

You will be asked COVID-19 health screening questions. Longevita staff will also be screened to include temperature check (staff only).

Maintain 6 feet apart while waiting outside for your class to start. We can’t allow anyone using the lobby area for now. Water fountain will not be available for use. Please bring your water or you may purchase bottled water at the studio.

Social Distancing Protocol

As we prepare for the re-open post-pandemic, we are setting up the studio with physical distance in mind. Your workout area will be set up in advance to adhere to the 6′ social distancing measures. For example: The instructor will have your props ready in advance that will be needed for your class. This is just ONE of the steps we’ve taken during our reopening process, to help you feel safe, comfortable and taken care of!

We will have to reduce class sizes as needed to guarantee a minimum of 6 feet of personal distance between members during class. We will mark reformers with “do not use” signage to establish the social distancing. For your safety, our teachers will teach with “hands off correction” by using verbal cures only. But don’t worry, they will continue to provide modifications, progressions and corrections verbally during your class – just like before!

Client Screening

Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio expects you to screen yourself for illness PRIOR to leaving your house for class. Please follow the protocols listed below:

Check your temperature. If it is over 100.4 – STAY HOME.

If you have been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 – STAY HOME.

If you are experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat – STAY HOME.

If you have had a fever in the last 48 hour – STAY HOME.

If you have had a new loss of taste or smell – STAY HOME.

If you have had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours – STAY HOME.

When attending in-person classes at the studio, be prepared to affirm that you are in good health and have not been in contact with anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 as detailed by the CDC.  

Additionally, we ask you to complete a waiver to be kept on file to acknowledge your participation in the studio. There will be a client version document that you will need to sign explaining our protocols we are required to meet in order to keep everyone healthy. This is to make you aware of of our new studio policies and social distancing protocols. This is one of the ways we are communicating to you so that you are in the “know”. You will also notice various signage placed throughout the studio for your reference and guidance. We will have at least 3 sanitizing stations for your use. All instructors will be required to wear a mask and we highly recommend clients wear one too.

Contactless Check-In

If you’re taking in person classes, our mobile app check-in feature will allow you to check-in for a booked class utilizing your own personal device instead of the front desk staff.

Equipment Usage and Class Modifications

To ensure your safety, we may be limiting the use of some ancillary equipment and small props. If you have a set of your own Reformer loops, you are welcome to bring them to class, but please leave all other personal equipment at home. To ensure the safety of all staff members and participants, outside equipment will not be allowed in the studio.  Towels and water bottles are permitted.

Studio & Equipment Sanitization

All members will be instructed to clean the pieces of equipment used during class.  Following class, staff will also disinfect all equipment and studio spaces according to our enhanced cleaning procedures. Length of classes or time between classes may be adjusted as needed to allow staff enough time to sanitize equipment and studio spaces.

Please refer to the following resources for the latest updates on Coronavirus:

U.S.: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Canada: Public Health Agency of Canada