Are you so over fitness fads? Shelia is, too. Read on in our first of this series of “Meet the Teacher” posts. We are sharing who we are, and how and why we do just what we do at Longevita.

Meet the Teacher: Shelia

We have all watched fitness fads come and go. We have all seen the gimmicks, and some of us are becoming rather cynical about them, aren’t we?! Shelia’s vision is to move outside the ring of current fads, creating a studio that gives you a realistic, sustainable, do-able way to meet and maintain your goals. The idea is to keep wellness as part of your daily routine for the long-term, which is why she chose the name Longevita, an Italian word meaning “longevity.” You will find no offers for quick fixes here. Instead, you will find Shelia, and her instructors, highly trained – perhaps obsessively training, in fact – to meet you however and wherever you currently are and then take you where you’d like to go.

Shelia was first drawn to Pilates by the invigorating feeling after each class. She noticed a deeper awareness of her body’s and the way she moved. She had greater strength and improved her posture. Her lower back, previously a cause of chronic issues and pain, became stronger and flexible. 

In fact, the change had such a dramatic effect on her that she was inspired to study Pilates and anatomy more. She decided she wanted to teach Pilates so that she could help others experience similar benefits. 

Shelia is now a fully STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor, receiving her training at Bodycenter Studios in Seattle, WA. Her extensive training and practice developed her skill at identifying alignment issues clients may have so she can build custom fitness regimes for individuals.

Private, Personalized Pilates Workouts with Shelia at Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio

Always wanting to improve herself so she can help more, Shelia took advantage of several training opportunities over the years. She is a Total Barre® Qualified Instructor, which combines Pilates with elements of classical ballet, and a CORE™ Qualified Instructor, which combines athletic conditioning with performance training.  She is also trained on BalleCore Barre, TRX® Suspension Trainer and TRX® Rip Trainer, which all integrate very well with Pilates. She adds to her list NETA certification as Barre Connect Specialty Certified and has completed the training for Cardio Barre Extreme. She has taken various workshops in fitness and wellness for pre/post-natal, obesity, aging populations, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, injury prevention, post-rehabilitation, and fascial movement.

Overwhelmed by that laundry list of training above?! Spoiler alert! Several of the instructors she’s hired at Longevita are cut from the same cloth! The beauty of it all: You can show up to class confident that they have gone above and beyond in their training in order to offer you a class that is above and beyond anything else around.

Shelia loves seeing clients walk out of the studio smiling, re-energized and excited about their physical and emotional improvements. Working with many clients of different ages, conditions, abilities and goals, Shelia has come to fully appreciate the depth of  STOTT PILATES® itself, as well as the importance of incorporating other types of workouts and wellness practices for a well rounded approach to help the whole individual. The multitude of physical, mental, and emotional benefits offered to people regardless of age, fitness level, and goals compelled her to move beyond just teaching classes to building her own studio designed around a multifaceted approach to wellness – one that helped the whole of a person, not just the waistline.

Shelia, The Studio Owner

With a vision to create a studio that can offer wellness solutions as diverse as the community of Auburn, Shelia expanded her two room studio with its few weekly Pilates and yoga classes, into a two story space now offering 70+ group classes. Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio, LLC now offers Pilates Reformer and mat, non-heated and heated yoga and meditation, as well as non-heated and heated strength & conditioning classes. The studio also offers private, semi-private, and small group personalized training. All of this inspired by Shelia’s vision to offer all the options most anyone might need to develop a truly well-rounded wellness routine to heal the whole individual.

Whatever your wellness or fitness needs, we probably have a class for that.

The studio’s culture is meant to inspire its core values of health, happiness, courage, commitment, and community. Health and happiness are vital to longevity and a life well-lived. The studio won’t advertise rapid weight loss gimmicks or “get ripped in 21 days” pitches. Instead, the studio is meant to be a place where we practice doing something healthy and making ourselves a little happier every day. It takes courage and commitment to start or continue an exercise routine. Longevita won’t promise that you can look just like so-and-so in just four weeks. Instead, the studio is meant to be a place where you are applauded for being courageous and committed to being the healthiest you possible, however that happens to look. Longevita is a growing community of health seekers of all ages, abilities and genders, which means healthy and fit will look a little different on each of us. And that is, as it should be.

Love Life Longer at Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio in Auburn

Whatever class you choose, the goal at Longevita is always for you to love life longer.

What does wholistic wellness look like for you? How do you include wellness into your daily routine to get and stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy? Comment below and share some of the ways you want to be wholly well. And then stay tuned to meet more of the studio’s instructors in our upcoming blog posts, and learn a little more about the diversity you will find at Longevita.