Here at Longevita, we have a new Barre instructor! Some of you already know her as she has been a client here since 2014. She is full of amazing energy and inspiration. Her personal fitness journey alone is a inspiration to us all. Pat is full of life and loves what she does. Come try her Barre classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday evenings!

I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand and have made my way to Seattle, WA in 2001. My fitness journey start with Yoga. I found Yoga in 2009 and feel that Yoga has been helping me go through depression, anxiety by bringing calmness and joy to my mind.
Then I discovered Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio in December 2014 . I started my first Pilates session and I was hooked. With the similar method as Yoga ‘Moving with the breath’, Pilates has become my regular exercise routine. At the same time, I started to take a Barre class at Longevita after 2 months I started to see some changes in my body, I’m more tone than I ever before. I am a Certified Barre Connect Specialty Instructor  through NETA hosted by Longevita. Barre combine Ballet, Yoga and Pilates moves to strengthen, lengthen and also improve posture. In additional, I also am a TRX Suspension Training Certified trainer and currently studying at National Personal Trainer Institute in Bellevue, focusing on fitness program design and one on one training to help people reach their fitness goals. I’m so excited to be a part of your fitness journey. See you at the Barre!