Go from dreamer to doer this year!

Meet Alisha! If you had met her five years ago, you wouldn’t hardly recognize her today. Only her big smile and bright eyes are the same. But five years ago, when she was just starting her family, Alisha was carrying an extra 70 pounds while chasing her new toddler around. Until one day, stuck – quite literally – at the top of the playground slide, too wide to actually sit and slide with her 1-year old son, she decided enough was enough. 

She had no intentions of living life from the sidelines just watching her son grow up, unable to play with him because she was too out of shape and out of breath. She refused to continue to let her health stop her from being the kind of mom she dreamt of being. 

Five years – and three babies – later, she is an overall 70 pounds lighter and 12 sizes smaller. The best part about it: Alisha can spend real, quality time with her family and friends today – making memories together instead of watching life from the sidelines. Her heart health and endurance now let her run after, tickle and toss those kiddos without being held back by fatigue.

It’s not about the pounds you lose. It’s about the life you gain!

Today, Alisha is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Instructor at Longevita.

Her story is here to be a very raw example of just what it really takes to accomplish big goals. Alisha’s weight loss journey includes all the highs and the lows – and the sweat and the tears  (and a few choice swear words!) – that show you can reach your goals even when the going gets tough. And now she is here to root for you because she is in the business of inspiring others to reach for their goals. Big or small.

You can achieve big dreams!

#1 Start with a Simple Goal

What would success look like? Think beyond the scale or the clothing size. Do you have small kids in your life and you’d like to be able to freely plop down on the floor to play or chase without being winded? Would you like to sleep better so that you wake up feeling well rested and are better focused throughout the day? Do you wish you could join family and friends on hikes, or even backpacking trips, this summer? Have you been enjoying the 5Ks you run, but now you are ready to push yourself for a half marathon next year?

Start with a simple goal of what you want to do and be. What would that you look and feel and sound like? What would the daily and weekly routine look like for that you?

#2 Make a Plan, Get a Coach

Got the what figured out? Next, work backwards from the end goal, and break it down into a detailed plan of how to get there. Picture the shorter-term success points you will reach along the way: making a habit of working out for 60 minutes four days a week; replacing the mid-afternoon coffee and energy bar habit with a glass of lemon water and a brisk, 20 minutes walk outside; adding three times a week strength training to your running routine to prepare your muscles for longer distances…

Not sure what the short-term success points could or should be for you? Get a coach! Find someone with a background in personal training to work with you in the planning process. Tap into their expertise and experience to outline a plan to match your unique goal. Bonus: having a coach in your corner means having someone to a) hold you accountable and b) cheer you on when you want to throw in the towel.

Want to learn more about making plans to create new, healthier habits successfully? Check out these top recommendations: 

#3 Get Up and Get Moving

No one reaches their goals overnight. And to reach big goals, we have to change our lives for them. That might look like waking up in the early morning or staying up a little later at night to get that daily workout done. Swapping out 30 minutes of social media surfing for 30 minutes of walking. Or swapping processed foods for carrot sticks (which are just as quick to prepare and often have a higher nutritional value, by the way). Whatever you do, get outside of your comfort zone, because that is where the change actually happens.

Because it is worth it. Because YOU are worth it!

“Your excuses are real, but your goals are, too!”

It is NOT easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it, but the fact is that the majority of Americans are not fit and do not feed themselves well. It can take a lot of energy and commitment, which might leave you feeling burned out and fed up because it isn’t happening overnight. That’s why Alisha is here to encourage you not to give up. 

You CAN. You got this!

If you haven’t tried a workout with Alisha yet, be sure to catch a Hot Sculpt or Hot Core class with her soon at the studio. You can catch a class with her Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Have particular goals you want to really work on this year? Contact us today about booking private or small group training sessions with Alisha.