Get to Know Yoga!
Modern Americans have abnormally high rates of stress and often suffer from health issues due to sitting for long periods of time or staying in other static positions, such as hunched over a computer. The good news is that you can face these challenges head on, viewing them as an opportunity for personal growth. Put another way, you have the most to gain from the practice of yoga!
Join Kimberly, a certified yoga instructor, as you pursue mental and physical wellness. Sessions focus on mood-elevation and stress relief, and include a mental health component designed to foster a change in focus to the value of your life’s work, rather than any result it generates. Sessions are tailored to the physical realities of the participants’ lifestyles, whether that’s working long hours at a desk or having so many commitments that your mental clarity and ability to be introspective are impaired. Finally, each session will set an intention with your unique situation in mind, such as cultivating feelings of worthiness, which is the single best way to better connect with peers and family, and to improve life satisfaction.