Have questions and curiosity about fertility, wellness, pregnancy and postpartum?? You’re in luck!! On March 23rd at 1:30pm a panel of local professionals (doulas, Naturopath, nutritionist, yoga therapist, Physical Therapist, yoga and Pilates teachers) will be here at Longevita to answer questions, offer advise and guidance! We will discuss physical medicines, supplements, healing powers of nutrition, personal stories and experiences, and more! Whether this is your first baby, second or beyond you won’t want to miss this! The panel is all women dedicated to education and advocacy to empower women in their transition into motherhood and throughout their life.

What does a doula do?
What supplements should I be taking right now?
Is back pain normal?
What is an internal PT?
How long does postpartum last? (life!)
How can I help naturally induce the baby when s/he is full term?
How do I process my birth story?

Click Here! Or just show up!

Location:  Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio; March 23rd @ 1:30pm