Here is a wonderful story from one of our clients on how she has made positive changes in her life and how Longevita has helped influenced her in her journey! We are very proud of Sarah!
Here is what Sarah has to say:
Last Christmas 2015 I was reaching my heaviest weight I’d ever been, even when pregnant. I’m 5’2 and I was 180 pounds,I was in pain all the time, had constant heart burn,I was uncomfortable and battling neck issues, and depressed. I knew it was up to me to make the changes. In January I started with clean eating, no fast food, no bad carbs, no dairy, no sugar. Pinterest was so helpful! I lost ten pounds the first two I decided to try exercise too and it felt awkward and I often was in pain while trying to exercise.five minutes walking was all I could do.for the next nine months I continued with this routine, clean eating, low calorie.exercise as much as I could comfortably handle..and today I’m 46 pounds lighter in a healthy Bmi. I exercise 5 days a week, run two miles at a time practice yoga, weight training,hiit..everything I love.I sleep better,I never have heartburn, my mood is better, my daily pain is 80% better. I went from giving up to saying I’ll never give up on myself again. I will say my biggest change was self love and self acceptance, that’s really the toughest battle..My biggest obstacle was self doubt and that urge to quit! every little goal I set and made brought me to my end goal,I healthier happier, stronger woman!