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Change is in the Air – Spring

Change is in the Air – Spring During seasonal changes we know there are changes taking place in nature, the buds are creeping up from the soil, the air shifts in[…]

Why Do I Need to Practice Self Care again?

Self Care … You are Enough As every February comes around there are a lot of talk, marketing, branding on all things self care, self love, love, relationship, and all that[…]

Are You a Workaholic? 5 Tips to Stop Overcommitting and Still Get Things Done

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Overcoming Over Scheduled and Over Committed

3 Big Steps to Break Bad Habits (Hint: It’s All About Awareness)

Habits. We all have them. And they’re hard to break.   Think about it…   On any given day you might eat the same foods, talk to the same handful ofRead more

Welcome To Longevita Blog! What You Find Here Might Change Your Life . . .

Hello there!   We’d like to give you a warm welcome to The Longevita Blog. What you find here will make you feel better. Maybe even change your life.   It’sRead more