Alisha P

Strength & Conditioning Instructor |


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Teaching Since:


Most Recent Training:

Barre Above; NETA Pilates Reformer Specialty Training

What to Expect in Class:

Expect to be safely challenged in each and every class. Classes are designed to help you progress and reach your goals. Every body in any stage is welcome. So long as you follow instruction given, you will see yourself get faster, better  & stronger.

Classes always start with dynamic stretching to warm our bodies up. Next, leads into our workout: Each round we will have lower and upper body focused exercises, as well as little bursts of cardio to get that heart rate elevated. Classes end with core focus to bring that heart rate back down. This format allows for maximum caloric burn! Creating those peaks and valleys with your heart rate allows you to get yourself into EPOC (excessive post exercise oxygen consumption), which means you are going to leave class and continue to torch calories all day long. Burn baby burn.

You’re stronger then you think!

Biggest Influences/Inspirations/Styles:

Alisha fell in love with fitness through her own weight loss journey at home using programs that incorporate different styles of workouts everyday. You can see them all worked into Alisha’s classes. She aims to try to keep it simple while still providing a variety of moves. Alisha is heavily influenced by fellow instructors at Longevita, and draws inspiration from those around her.

Alisha currently teaches Hot Sculpt and Hot Core classes, and she is available for Private Sessions or Small Group Training!