So the big day is drawing near, you are ready to meet the baby and you have had enough of being pregnant! Try these safe movements to help get baby into a good position to potentially help labor. Not quite ready yet, no worries, these movements are safe to use during your pregnancy. These moves again, just help baby get into a good position into the pelvis.

Downward Facing Dog

Imagine as if you are inviting the baby’s back to lay in the hammack of the curve of your belly. Being slightly inverted in this pose may also invite babies head to be pointed downwards. If you are uncomfortable on your wrists, you can use the back of a chair, or couch to support yourself and create a “L” shape. Late in my pregnancy I used this to help my baby get into position and I swear it worked!

Downward Facing Dog
Downward Dog modification


Hip Circles

Start in a quadraped/table top position, then walk or heel toe one of your legs to the side so you have roughly your heel of your foot aligned with your knee, bend your knee of that leg and then create funky hip circles. It should hopefully feel really delicious!

Hip Circles


Warrior 2

A classic pose. Feel rooted with the legs, invite the hips to open. Ideally baby will find this spacious. If you are having discomfort in either SI joint you may straighten your front leg, and point toes forward and parallel, so there is symmetry in both legs.

We do all these poses in prenatal yoga classes so if you need tips or help with alignment, register!

Need more ideas for poses or movements to help baby find some room, Spinning Babies website is also a great tool for optimum positions for baby!

Good luck!